Dukan ki taraki ke liye amal

Dukan ki taraki ke liye amal

agar aapne khus dil se dukan kholi hai aur dukan mei tarki nhi ho rhi hai to dukan ki taraki ke liye amal kare.

Jiski dukan par bikari kam hoti ho to is naks ko mistiri ki ghadi me likhkar ghate par chipka kar darvaje par latkay allah ne chaha to mall adhik bikega labh hoga naksh hamase sampark karke aap le sakte he.

Whoever is the proprietor of his shop and he plays out a business exchange in this. This business exchange could be of any sort offering merchandise or administrations. In the event that he is getting misfortunes and appears there is no plenitude or success. Insha ALLAH Ta’ala this taweez will work for him.

Step by step instructions to arranged this Taweez for “Dukan Ki Tarakki Ke Liye Dua”

Before composing this taweez you need to deal with the planning amid which you will compose this. Most extreme care must be taken for this.

The time must be upon the arrival of Thursday from Sunrise up to 60 minutes;

Take washed down white paper and pen;

Compose the above taweez in little chit;

Hang this chit on the entryway of your shop;

Insha ALLAH soon you will see an ever increasing number of clients, your deal will expand wealth and success in stock and all other shop inventories, Ameen.

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