King Of Rohani Ilaj And Formulas

King Of Rohani Ilaj And Formulas

King Of Rohani Ilaj And Formulas, The prophet of mankind, the peace of our heart and mind, the most generous and kind said, “the one who recites salat upon me hundred times on the day and night of Friday, Allah will fulfill his hundred needs; seventy of the hereafter and thirty of the world.

Read salat-Alan-Nabi once at the beginning and once at the end of every invocation. If cure is not apparently noticed, consider it as a result of your own heedlessness. Do not make complaints and keep the will of Allah in mind.

Protection for iman :

Whoever invokes this 7 times after every Salah, will remain secured from the evil of shay-tan and he will die with iman [faith] intact.

Getting rid of Poverty:

A poor or destitute person who invokes this 90 times every day will get rid of poverty.

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Cure from Illness:

Reciting this 111 times and then performing Dam on an ill person will provide relief.

Wazifa for Baby Boy:

Whoever invokes this 10 times every Friday, will be granted a son.

Removal of Troubles:

If somebody invokes 100 times when afflicted by a calamity, the difficulty will be eased.

Victory against Enemy:

Whoever invokes this 30 times every day, will gain victory over his enemy.

Protection from sudden Death:

Whoever invokes this 7 times every day at the time of ASR (i.e. anytime from the onset of ‘A S R timings until sunset), will remain protected from sudden death.

Have as you Wish:

Whoever invokes this 100 times every day without talking in between and then makes Du’a whatever he asks for will be granted.

Protection against Theft:

Whoever invokes this 10 times and performs dam on his wealth and assets, will remain protected from theft.

No effect of Black Magic:

Invoke this 7 times every day and perform Dam on yourself, magic will not affect.

Success in every Work:

Whoever invokes this 20 times before starting any work, that work will be completed according to his wishes.

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