Separate and Put Hatred Between Two Persons

Separate and Put Hatred Between Two Persons

Separate and Put Hatred Between Two Persons, “Marriage or love which is called Love in English, it is a Salika and Bakshish of Allah. In which many people fall into the intermediate and ruin that relationship. Like you love someone, but she gets married and she gets married. Or your marriage is from everyone’s advice but your partner has never loved you and is living a life with someone else. This relationship starts deteriorating due to any one. If you are a woman and your husband does not love you, you love what you want. And you are also suspicious that if your husband is trapped in the trap of another woman then do not worry at all, do not worry, this dua and act is for you only.

If you are a girl and you have not yet married, but your lover or boyfriend is going away from you because of some girl you can also read this quiz. If you are a woman or a girl, but you love a man who has never happened to you, but if you want to get it in any condition, then be absolutely unhappy, call it immediately and this test is made for you only.

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Amal Adawat Judai Ke Liye:-

If someone is unjustified in one another, who is not familiar with the word of the Shari’ah, then in order to complete their unholy relation in this way, Maulana ji describes this as a manifestation and wazifa, but it is very important to keep in mind that if there is anything wrong in it, May have to face. For this reason, take permission from Maulana ji and take the method so that it is all right.

To divide it, this talisman can admit. In this Talaviz-Zawal month, the racket of Mercury is two times again, after staying in Yaksui, in the condition of entering the Yakasui, write 3 tablets with a dry ink on 3 pieces. Obviously, the names of Matlub and Taleb mother Waldh in Taljazat and the tombs in Terribhal bury the salt in the old tombs. Inshaullah will be separated in both of them.

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