Solve All Your Problems Using Ya Lateefu

Solve All Your Problems Using Ya Lateefu

Reciting Ya Lateefu 133 circumstances and additionally 313 times(for hard cases) each time IN ADDITION TO night (Time span with respect to your amal a few Mins for you to 15 Mins) Solve All Your Problems Using Ya Lateefu.

The individual Should reliably, consistently (after salaatul fajar) AND ALSO consistently (after salaatul Isha) advance doing the amal the till his need will be satisfied.

1.’Aoozubillaahi Mi-nash ShYataan Ir-rajeem BisMillaah Ir-Rah-maan Ir-Ra-heem – 3x

2. ‘Astaghfirullaah,’Astaghfirullaah, ‘Astaghfirullaah, La Elaaha illal laahu Mohammadur Rasool-ul-laah Sallallaahu `Alayhi wa Sallam – 20x

3. Subhaanal-laahi Walhamdu-Lillaahi, wa laa ilaa-ha sick lal-laahu wallahu Akbar – 20x

4. Surah Fatiha 1x, Surah Iqlaas 3x

5. Make Intention/Dua: BISMILLAAHI YA HAYYU YA QAYYUM YA ZAL JALAALI WAL IKRAM YA ARHAMAR RAHEMEEN. O Allah, the only you do when i love AS WELL AS only you do when i call for Help. O Allah, my accomplice and i have addressed you as to help Using your favored distinguish Ya Lateefu, O Allah through the ideals AND ALSO gifts contained in It please satisfy MY PERSONAL need… … . O Allah please acknowledge MY amal/dua by your monstrous Mercy AND ALSO make wind up being free including all aside from You. ‘A-Ghis-ni, ‘A-Ghis-ni, ‘A-Ghis-ni Bi Rahmatika Ya Arhamar Rahemeen.’Ameen. Ya Rabbil ‘A-Lameen! – 3x. Solve All Your Problems Using Ya Lateefu.

6. for all intents and purposes any Darood – simple one – ALLAH humma Sali’ala Muhammad Sallallaahu `Alayhi wa Sallam – 7x

7. Discuss – Ya Lateefu – 133x and additionally 313x

8. any Darood – simple individual – ALLAH humma Sali’ala Muhammad Sallallaahu `Alayhi wa Sallam – 7x

9. Bring your present hands Up in ADDITION TO in full quietude, confide IN ADDITION TO round out confidence in ALlah, rehash dua in (5) atleast just two with a specific end goal to 7 times


11. Blow 3x with the trunk, after that 3x in both your present hands, alongside the wipe your own particular hands through the face, arms AND body.

Note: as to hard cases, your amal in the event that get to be performed directly after each mandatory salaat.

It is very big and powerful, with the help of all kinds of diseases, Balao, Afto, early marriage, marriage of choice, confinement of the enemy, rid of the enemy, or Latifu or Vajid, it will save the person who will always The pak will be read by reading clearly. If a person adopts this map on the gold bed, then he should be protected from every disease. With Allah’s help, people started to fear him, without saying it without getting Rizq. For Nashe can contact Molana Ji.


यह इसम बड़ा बा बरकत व् प्रभावशाली है हर प्रकार की बीमारियों, बालाओ, आफतो, जल्दी शादी , पसंद की शादी , दुश्मन की जुबान बंदी , दुश्मन से छुटकारा , या लतीफु , या वजिदू , की मदद से यह उस व्यक्ति को बचाएगा जो इसे हमेशा पाक साफ़ होकर पढता रहेगा।  जो व्यक्ति इस नक्श को सोने की पतरी पर खुदवा ले तो वह हर बीमारी से बचा रहे।  उसके साथ अल्लाह की गैबी मदद हो लोग उस से डरने लगे उसे बिना म्हणत के रिज्क मिले।  नक्श मौलाना जी से संपर्क करके ले सकते हैं।

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