ullu ke fayde owl ke totke owl ullu ke upaay

ullu ke fayde owl ke totke owl ullu ke upaay

ullu ke fayde owl ke totke owl ullu ke upaay, “The importance of Owl is very much in the system of meditation. According to technology, the discretion of the owl and the beneficial results of it can not be denied. There are many mischief powers hidden in it. The Greeks regard owl as a symbol of good fortune, riches and prosperity from ancient times. While the entire Europe owl is considered as the main organ of dark magic

If the owl symbolizes good luck and security in Chinese fengshui, the owl protects him in his eyes at the sight of the Japanese. And if you talk about this mechanism in India, this mode is very popular here. It has many miraculous accurate tactical powers. It is believed that the situation of ghosts, bidding and flying conditions of owls can be traced to the past, future and present events.

According to astrology, which is the head of Venus, its home in the horoscope is the sixth place. However, it is considered to be the best in the third, sixth and eighth house. Therefore, the importance of the owl remains in the life of man, which is seen from the point of view of the future indicators.

Following the vesting trick through owls: –

1) In the measures taken for captivating, the owl’s feathers are thrown in with a razor and placed on the body. After its extraordinary owl, its dry meat is fed, then it becomes very distracted and its peace dissolves.

2) Tilak of the spleen mixture made with rubbed with saffron, m

ullu ke fayde owl ke totke owl ullu ke upaaye

usk and kumkum is useful for emulsification. By holding this, a Ruthi wife can be celebrated or the boyfriend can also be subdivided.

3) Mixing the crow and owl drop feathers together with rose water, put the tilak on his forehead. By putting this, whatever you go forward will be in your control.

In the mechanism of owl, its organs are used in many ways for tantric meditation. Owl nails, feathers, paws, peak mechanisms are brought into the work of siddhi. It is worshiped during the MahaShishif period.

By placing a wing of owl bird in front of it, it is said that after repeatedly chanting “Bholikan foreign bursts” chant, the house gets thrown into the house.

The following are the tricks of captivity: –

1) To get wealth, it is auspicious to photograph the owl and to pray.

2) Keeping a picture of the owl at the place where the money is stored is a simple trick, and it becomes an opportunity for economic gain in the house.

3) According to the bird system, owl is indicative of wealth. Wherever the treasure is kept hidden or stuck, the owls are found there.

Vashikaran Mantra in Hindi

1) If a person traveling in the night owl gets the sound of a home – home then he will get auspicious results, because if he does this again, then he has to do his will.

2) If the owl starts to sit at someone’s home, then that house can ever be frozen and the possibility of any disaster on the owner of that house increases. The sound of owl in South Africa is considered as a killer. The same owl appears in China as the indicator of the death of the neighbor.

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